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Sharp Pencila

SHARP PENCILA ensures real Royal Blue, Neat, Sharp & better than the best copies. Sharp PENCILA is proved to be the best in various Durability & Manifold tests held across the across the country.

Technical specification:

Paper: Superiorquality 21 GSM Tissue paper Manufactured paper manufactured by best paper manufacturers of the country.

Colour: Royal Blue

Size: 210 MM X 330 MM &420 MM X 330 MM

Ink Coating: 13.5 GSM Ink coating ensures Long durability and perfect 4th copy

Back side: 4.5 GSM Resin coat with printing

Manifolds: Minimum 4 Copies at a time

Durability: It can be used at least 25 times in bill book

Packing: 100 sheets in a folder duly shrink wrapped.

SHARP PENCILA (25 SHEETS): Pencila carbon is same as mentioned above. This is very handy for consumers having very low usage of carbon paper. Because of B.O.P.P packing that is anti static and dust resistant, the carbon dose not get spoiled. It comes along with one free good quality ball pen. Available in a pack of 25 packets and in multiple thereof.

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